Chicken Maintenance


You should always vacuum your chickens, to do otherwise is unsanitary and unsavory. You do not want to be the owner of a dusty chicken, that would bring you a world of hurt.

Being Canadian


Every Canadian must practice their canoe paddling for at least 15 minutes per day. It's the law. What's that? This canoe paddle is going through the floor? Do not be alarmed, it is merely magic.

We Were Born on a Pirate Ship


This one guy goes to that guy 'arrr' and so the other guy goes 'yarrr'. And that is all they said to each other.

If Drawn Guys Could Talk


If this guy could talk he would say, 'please kill me'.

Just A Head

Isaac Head

It's just your average, every day, run of the mill, normal guy head. No big.

Robots Are Lazy


Some people think that due to their industrious nature robots will one day replace humans as workers. Not this robot. Don't be fooled by his business man style umbrella. He whiles away the hours tweeting about oil and bolts and being rational in an emotional world.


isaac blue jay

A huge benefit to working in a place where there are many skilled Photoshoppers is being able to turn your work friends into bird creatures. There is nothing in the world that can match the joy/chagrin that will bring.

Noble Fruit

Chiquita Set

First need for animating a mini set: a whole bunch of dudes with well-functioning knees and flexible back regions. Girls will also suffice. Second need: some artfully constructed set pieces. A banana is only necessary if it happens to be your hero fruit. Other fruits can be heroes too, like peaches. Do not be fooled by their soft fuzziness, they are noble fruits.

Ye Olde Wall


This is what the wall in our entranceway looked like in our former location. The chalk drawings had been preserved for nigh 10 years. Now they are just a memory. This photograph serves as a memorial to the old days. Don't cry, old days must make way for new days. That is just life, it's not sad. We learn from the old days to make the new days better. I'm sorry if I just blew your mind.

Guess What?


Rabbit butt.

Meat Interface


Have you ever wondered what meat sounds like? Of course you have. We have a solution for you, meat interface headphones. Do you know what that drumstick is saying? 'Don't eat me!'. Nah, just kidding, it's not saying that, it's already dead.

Manimal Junior


To this day I still can't believe we didn't get this job. Look at that guy! He is a really awesome guy! But I suppose one guy's awesome is another guy's not quite awesome enough. Such was the case for the Bronx Zoo.



I'm sure that you, much like the rest of us, have often wondered, how does one make a humanette? Great and relevant question. For the answer merely regard the above drawing. Now you are one piece of interesting information smarter.

Solving Problems With Class


Animation getting you down? No problem! Sometimes it just needs to be shown who's boss. And what better way to do that then with your middle finger? Its timeless message of sternness never fails to be the remedy to your difficult animation-related situation.

One Suit of Extreme Cuteness


I'm not saying we employ elves to do our tiny clothes-making bidding but I am saying that this is one extremely small tuxedo. TUXEDO! I mean, EXTREME! It's even better when you see it in all its animated glory.

Random Doodle: Scaley Fish Drool


I think the title says it all.

No Busey


The meticulous sculpting of puppets for a stop-motion spot is made so much easier when Gary Busey stops by to help out. Okay fine, Jake Busey. Okay fine, no Busey.

Everywhere You Go, There's Your Teeth

Koodo Aliens

Sometimes you have to create many designs to get to a final approved character. I'm glad we did not end up going with TOOTH ALIEN. Not because he is poorly designed but for the tooth-related nightmares I would surely have had. Kind of like that alien mushroom episode of Twilight Zone which, post viewing, caused a personal moratorium on the consumption of edible fungus. One cannot get away from one's own teeth though, hence the nightmares.

The Land of Unsold Pitches

Philippe_Characters Philippe_Characters2

You pitch on a job, you present many concepts and even if you get the job not all of your concepts will make it. Do you ever think about what happens to those concepts that don't make it? They totally go to the land of unsold pitches and hang out with each other and cry. Just kidding! They go there but they don't cry. These concepts didnt work for this job but are still radical. Fuzzy Felts!

The Danger Pitch

How we shoo the kid

This pitch for Corn Pops came with a large amount of danger. Remember that rat head cage thing from 1984? It has nothing on the cereal neck tray apparatus.

There Will Be Giraffes


Sometimes when you have to put a claymation giraffe head onto a human actor's body you have to make said human actor look like an insane-o. Not to worry though, they all became giraffes in the end.

Jet Blue!



Pitchstuffs for Jet Blue. Very excellent stuffs.